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Dear colleagues:

It is my pleasure to invite you to the 18th Asian Helen ZhangConference on Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) on June 20-22nd in Tehran, Iran.  This year’s theme is “Innovations in Clinical Pharmacy:  The Roadmap to a better quality of life”.  The original idea of ACCP came from Asian pharmacists who were looking for organizing a conference in which they could exchange and share ideas on the concept of clinical pharmacy.  In 1996, representatives from China, Korea, Japan, and USA met in Seoul, Korea to plan for the first conference.  Since then, we are meeting annually with the goal to make each conference a dynamic venue for disseminating and exchanging of new knowledge and ideas in the areas of practice, education and research. 

ACCP 2018 organizing committee has done a wonderful job in preparing a program that will fit your needs.  There will be pre-conference workshops, keynote speeches, symposia, oral presentations and poster sessions as well as guided hospital visit.  In addition, Iran is a country with amazing culture and rich history.  I am sure you will find this year’s conference a special memorable experience.

How do we, as pharmacists, impact the quality of lives of those we serve through innovative methods in our practice?  As ACCP enters into its 21st year, innovations in clinical pharmacy practice are vital to advance our profession. Let us contribute by attending and inviting our pharmacist friends to join this exciting professional gathering, as well as share your experience through abstract submission.  I hope to see all of you in Tehran in June!


Helen Zhang, Pharm D

ACCP 2018 President